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Cisco’s personality is very similar to his counterpart back home. He grows up in the city with parents who have extremely high expectations for him and a brother that can do no wrong. There’s a deep-rooted fear of failure in Cisco that drives him forward to keep pushing the limits of science and of himself. He wants to make his family proud, but he’s reluctant to admit that is a large part of the reason why he works so hard.  

Unlike his show counterpart, this Cisco does not have a particular focus. He does not have a desire to work for the leading laboratory STAR. He does not have an idol that he looks up to in the scientific world. While this isn’t a big change, it does prevent him from blindly following the gospel of a single person or entity.

A big difference in the city is that Cisco does not have the friendships he built from STAR labs. He does not have the unbreakable bond with Caitlin, and he doesn’t have the anguish from watching the accelerator blow up. He doesn’t have the loss of a friend, Ronnie, and he doesn’t have the personal shame of being part of something that blew up in his face (literally) and cost so many people loved ones and their sense of “normal.” Without these bonds, Cisco seems a bit of a floater in the city. He isn’t as settled in with who he is and what he wants in life. While he has his best friend from high school who he sees frequently, he doesn't have a "group." He's never really met a group of people that he perfectly meshes with. And that's fine with him, since he's always liked darting between activities (work, coffee, laser tag) on a whim. 

The challenges he faces throughout the show morph Cisco into the suspicious but kind-heated person he is. Here in the city, Cisco still trusts blindly. Here, Cisco still looks up to the "famous scientists" and local legends. To him, they are heroes that can do no wrong. Cisco also doesn't truly appreciate his family, as he does in the show when his brother is ripped away from him. Cisco has yet to undergo the same deep character development that the show brings him.

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